The whole number of negative plates finished during the year was two hundred and thirty-two, of which number two hundred were of a miscellaneous character, illustrating treatment and operations in several classes of cases.

Of the positive paper prints from these negatives, more than twelve hundred have been taken, and they have been of such a character as to already attract the attention of the medical profession, not only in our immediate vicinity, but at a distance, and have called forth many expressions of interest and commendation.

Members of the medical profession begin to visit the Department periodically, for the purpose of obtaining such photographs as pertain to each one's more especial class of investigation. Many interesting cases of skin disease, factures, and results of important surgical operations have been fully illustrated by series of photographs, which give opportunity for comparison and study not offered by any other means.

The photographing of the unknown dead at the Morgue, a measure introduced near the close of last year, has been continued. Thirty-two cases have been taken this year, the prints from which have, in several instances, proved this work to be an important feature of the Department.

Below will be found a summary of the work done and the cost incurred. The prices charged, as fixed by a printed schedule are much below those charged for the same class of work outside of the Institution. In the Morgue cases the price has been estimated at the lowest figures charged for that class of work.

   Apparatus.  Chemicals, Ac.
 On hand January 1, 1869....  $269   75  $53   79
 Purchased during 1869......  12   63  136   59
 On hand January 1, 1870....  282   38  114   22
 Amount of Chemicals,    
  &c., used in 1869....    76   12

The Work done in the Department during the year amounts to $952.16, and the money received for photographs sold was $60.16, one-half of which was paid to the photographer according to agreement, and the other paid to the Central Office.

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J. Frey,

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